I Can Only Imagine!

Bart Millard, Lead singer of ‘Mercy Me’ Christian band had a pretty horrific childhood.   He has publicly used the word ‘monster’ to describe what his abusive father was like when he was growing up.

Today, my husband and two of our daughters went to see the “I Can Only Imagine’ movie.  This movie is based on Bart Milliard’s famous song.   How the song came to be, and how it became famous.     Amy Grant interviewed Bart about when and how the song came to be, and said that a song such as ‘I can only imagine’ may only take 10 minutes to write, but it was a lifetime in the making.

I believe that movies can change people, and this movie definitely had a massive impact on my life.

Here are seven take away points from ‘I Can Only Imagine’.

1.  We should NEVER assume that anyone is too far gone – God will draw who he chooses to.

2.  God’s timing is always perfect

3.  Everyone is eligible for redemption!

4.  Everyone has a purpose to fulfill in their life, and if we let Him, God will direct our feet to a path better than we could imagine for ourselves.

5.  We need to make sure we do everything on our part that can make relationships better.   We aren’t responsible for how others treat us, but we are responsible for how we behave and respond.

6.  When we don’t deal with our hurts, they follow us into future relationships and situations.  They remain pain points until we deal with them.

7.  Forgiveness is the answer to many hardships – even when the person doesn’t ask for forgiveness – forgive anyway.    It’s the key to free you up, rather than hold you back.    Relationships move forward when forgiveness is applied.

So Go, Go and see it!!!   I’ll be stunned if you didn’t like it!