About Me


Welcome to Little Light of Mine.blog.

I am a simple mum of four.  I am married to a wonderful man and we are happy bible believing Christian people.

If you feel the term ‘little light of mine’ is familiar…well, you will probably be familiar with the children’s song , ‘This little light of mine’.   The next line is ‘I’m going to let it shine!’

I have been toying with using ‘little light of mine’ for some time as it really speaks to my heart.  I want a faith that is mature, but childlike.   When Jesus walked the earth, he loved having the children come to him.  He would spend time teaching them, and I want to keep that childlike interest and excitement in what God is doing in our lives, but also in the many lives around us.  There are many verses in the bible that talk about the word ‘light’ in reference to His desire for us to be a light in the world.   Our job is simple….Be a light that directs others to  God.  He will do the rest.

I love to write,  so I felt that the goal of this blog is to just chat to you about the things I find out about God along my journey.   You may not agree with me at times, and that is fine.  I will be writing from what I feel God is putting on my heart.  The only thing I ask you to do is to ask God to show himself to you – I know He will.

Many years ago, Christian band, Petra, wrote a song called ‘Don’t let your heart be hardened’.   My friend from school used to sing it often.   To this day, I still love it.

‘Don’t let your heart be hardened
Don’t let your love grow cold
May it always stay so childlike
May it never grow too old…’

As a Christian I believe  we can play a massive role in our communities.   I believe whole heartedly in God’s love for us, and his desire for us to succeed in life.   Littlelightofmine.blog is a simple devotional blog for women.   I pray that anyone comes to this blog  will leave feeling refreshed, lighter, and happier.

I have been a Christian since I was about 15.   I am now in my early 40’s, so its been a while.   I’m not perfect, but I am forgiven.   God is good all the time!!